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First Day: September 8th

Welcome to September!  On September 8th we open classes and welcome our first cohort of Chesterton Academics aboard.  And here's what the day might look like for you (remembering that most of our weekly work is self-paced):

  • Log into and behold your courses!
  • We'll be launching E-Learning on Wednesday or Thursday as we bring our new staff members up to speed.  This is the full online orientation to Canvas and online learning, but in the meantime Mr. Johnson has appended a shorter Canvas 101 Module into Latin.  A good place to start.

A common question is how to structure one's day.  While the particulars are up to each family, here's a suggested sequence that may help (with an assumption that 8-2 or 9-3 make a good work day).  Remember, this is just an example "timetable."  Once students have worked through a few weeks, they will gain a sense of pacing.

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