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School Opening, 2020

Welcome to the inaugural year for the Chesterton Academy of St. Isidore.  Deo gratias! We're so very excited to launch this beautiful program, and to meet our new students.

In the week of September 1st to 4th, there are a few things to take care of in preparation for our first day of regular classes, which is September 8th.

1) Logging in:

We generate a username and school based google email account for each of our students and it is through this account that you will access our online learning platform, Canvas.  If you (or your parent) checks your powerschool account (the account used to register in our school division) you will find your numerical user name.  Once you have it, you will have to activate it.  Here is a video outlining how to activate your account, reset your password, and access Canvas.  There will be no courses live as of yet, but your primary goal this week is to log in successfully.

*Tried all of these and can't get through?  Please contact us.

2) Textbooks

Chesterton Academy of St. Isidore provides textbooks on a loaned basis, with a $100 damage deposit applied to parent accounts.  Students who are local or are willing to come in are welcome to pick up their books in person.  (American students, you will be purchasing your texts and avoiding that monster, customs fees.)  To facilitate our distribution of textbooks, please fill out the form below.

*Note: enrollment has increased significantly in the month of August, which is wonderful.  Unfortunately it will mean some delay in textbook delivery to our most recent registrants as we await a handful of titles from our most recent book order.  Instructors will work around these delays so there are no disadvantages to students.





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