Why a Classical Education?

“Truth, Goodness and Beauty.” Classical education seeks to fulfill each of these precepts. The study of Theology and Church teaching can further inform students of Christ’s truths. Students can explore history, philosophy and literature with an eye towards what is Good. Through music, sciences, drama and the arts, students will then embark on a quest to what is truly beautiful. Each tenant fulfills the others. In addition, a classical education seeks to inform and call out a student’s whole mind, without compromising the truth, something other schools simply cannot do.


Can a non-Catholic student attend Chesterton Academy?

Yes. The curriculum is infused with Catholic thought throughout the classes. However, all are welcome!

Do the Chesterton Academy Courses work towards a Alberta High School Diploma?

Yes. Students who fulfill the Chesterton Academy requirements will have all of the required credits to receive an Alberta Education High School diploma.