Chesterton Academy Catholic Classical Education

What is a Chesterton Academy Catholic Classical Education?

We Offer:

Founded on 3 pillars in which we form our students:

Intellect: We teach the classics of Western thought from physics to philosophy, and the interrelationship of the great ideas; teaching students not merely what to think but how to think.

Character: We help students grow in the four cardinal virtues of prudence, temperance, fortitude and justice, which we believe are the foundation of leadership.

Spirituality: Our students come to understand and embrace the truth of why they exist: to know God, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world and be happy with Him forever in the next.

  • A well-rounded education that develops strong intellectual habits
  • A supportive community growing in virtue and holiness
  • A catalyst for promoting character and leadership skills

The Mission:

  • To encourage a new generation of joyful leaders and saints, educated in the classical tradition and the truths of the Catholic faith.  
  • Our rigorous, integrated curriculum unlocks student’s potential and prepares students to succeed in college and professional life and to excel in the service of family, of neighbour, and of Christ our Lord. 

Want a High School Experience with a Higher Purpose?



The Chesterton Academy framework includes:

  • A four-year, sequential, integrated curriculum with an interdisciplinary, faith-filled approach to all courses, from the Humanities to the Sciences 
  • Accredited, faithful Catholic teachers
  • Programs delivering an Alberta High-school Diploma according to the philosophy Chesterton Academies are known for.