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Interest Form and Symposium Replay

Dive into Catholic Classical Education: Symposium Recap and Replay:

On Saturday, April 20th, OLPH Parish buzzed with discussions about Catholic Classical Education at the Chesterton Academy Symposium—an event that celebrated the enduring beauty and depth of this time-honored approach to education. The symposium provided a glimpse into the transformative power of Catholic Classical Education.

Missed the symposium? Catch the replay at to immerse yourself in the insights shared by our speakers and explore the essence of Chesterton Academy's educational philosophy.

As we evaluate possibilities for Chesterton Academy in the 2024-25 school year—including in-person learning—we encourage you to complete the Interest Form ( to share your thoughts and provide feedback as we navigate our future direction.

For those eager to embrace the richness of Classical Catholic Education, please visit or contact Chesterton Academy at 780-449-6463 to learn more and to register for the upcoming school year.

Together, let's shape the souls, minds, and hearts of tomorrow's leaders through the timeless principles and educational tradition of Catholic Classical Education.

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