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Join North America's Only Online Chesterton Academy

Our Inspiration

Inspired by St. Pope John Paul II, we take as our motto Cultura Vitae: a Culture of Life. We make it our mission to prepare our students to triumph over the materialism and despair that pervade our culture and to accept our Lord's offer to have life and to have it abundantly.

Our classical curriculum combines a broad, liberal arts education with a strong emphasis on the development of Christian virtues and an appreciation of beauty, through our Three Pillars Model of Intellect, Character, and Spirituality.

September 2021

  • In September 2021, we add a full slate of Grade 11 courses
  • For enrolling Grade 12s we can offer a hybrid program, which prepares students for Alberta Diploma exams while delivering a faithful, classical program.


Briefly, the Chesterton Program provides:

  1. A rich, classical education.

  2. A joyful, orthodox Catholic community of learning.

  3. A path to earning an Alberta High School Diploma (with an open door to Rutherford and other scholarships, post-secondary entrance, etc)

All this without any tuition (for in-province students)! 

We have crafted a classical faith-filled educational (diploma-granting) experience. We are excited to have you join us! 

Ad majorem gloriam Dei!

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